As a member of the “budget committee”, it’s been good to see more co-operation throughout the process under Governor McMaster and his administration. Having served with Governors Haley and Sanford previously, I can share that McMaster’s relationship with the House and Senate is more pro-active than re-active; and comes from a perspective of what is best to continue to help our economy grow and our families’ quality of life improve.

In politics, those results are always debatable based on your point-of-view; but what is not debatable is the fact that our state’s finances are in very good shape as we continue to cut income taxes, provide property tax relief, and grow our reserves. (Granted, still waiting to learn more about that $1.8 Billion that is still unaccounted for. That’s YOUR money! We need to figure out how that happened, who is responsible, how best to use that money (send back?!) and assure we don’t have that happen again!!

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