Last month, I shared an update for many in Chapin that had been mentioning safety concerns near our marinas on Lake Murray.

After my June COMMUNITY UPDATE email went out, I received feedback and suggestions that I then passed along to SCDOT on behalf of the community. (NOTE: If you aren’t one of the 3,000+ homes that receive my regular COMMUNITY UPDATE emails, please email me at NathanBallentine@schouse.gov and ask to be added to the distribution list. I have sent those emails to the community almost every month for more almost 20 years!)

Please watch the video above for more information; but in short (1) there is no need for sidewalks to be installed from 76 down Johnson Marina until the Reformation/Richland Franklin Road 4 way stop. There are no homes until that intersection and putting a sidewalk there may end up encouraging development on the property currently owned by The Lowman Home – and I know y’all don’t like new developments! (2) On Marina Road, the sidewalk will begin on 76 and extend down through Beacon Point subdivision and not go further down the peninsula.

As always, thanks for the feedback! It made a difference.