I’ve had calls this week regarding Friarsgate Park (specifically Irmo Little League) and wanted to provide an update. The email above is from the interim director of the Richland County Recreation Commission.

Moments ago, I spoke with Commissioner Ashley Miller (who lives in our community) and she informed me she was able to get 12 people from the Commission onsite today at Friarsgate Park and that they are looking into options to help finish games and complete the upcoming tournaments.

Some options are:

* Contacting other parks in the area (St Andrews? Seven Oaks?) about using their facilities
* Turning off power and being sure there is a “lock box” so no one can turn power on. This would mean no evening games.
* Repairing the “wire situation”. Not sure how long that would take with bids, etc.

Come back for updates. I will share as soon as I know more about the resolution.