COVID-19 Resources and Helplines:

Who is eligible to receive the COVID-19 Vaccine?

– Frontline healthcare workers

– Anyone 65+ years

– State/local government employees who perform COVID-19 vaccinations and testing in SC

– A full list of those qualified can be found here:

– To understand who is getting vaccinated in SC by demographic, visit the NEW Vaccination Dashboard:

What are the numbers?

– Total Doses Given in South Carolina: 705,776

– Total People Vaccinated in South Carolina: 528,480

– People with 1 Vaccine dose: 527,691

– People with 2 Vaccine doses: 177,126

(Numbers updated Feb. 18th)

Where can I get vaccinated?

– Find a vaccine location near you here:

When will I be eligible to be vaccinated?

– Currently, South Carolina is in Phase 1A of the vaccination process.

– DHEC plans to transition to Phase 1B by early Spring.

– South Carolina obtains vaccinations from the Federal government, meaning the following chart is subject to change based on availability of vaccines. To see the vaccine flowchart, visit:

Additional information:

– DHEC Care Line: 1-855-472-3432

– COVID-19 Vaccine Information Line: 1-866-365-8110

– Find a vaccine location near you here:

– Information about qualifying for SBA loans:

– Mental health/substance abuse services related to COVID-19: 1-844-724-6737

– For other COVID-19 resources, visit the Accelerate SC website:

– To see if you may qualify for unemployment, visit:

– For updates from the Governor, visit