Heading out one day this week, 6 noticeable signs caught my attention along Johnson Marina Road. First thing I thought of was “man, that’s overkill”. I then started thinking….why NOW are there signs up. In the past we’ve seen various vendors in this spot, selling many different items. I don’t recall anyone complaining. There are several spots out in Chapin area where vendors park and make a living. Whether it’s food, art, fireworks, souvenirs….we’ve had them for as long as I can remember. In any event, I decided to see what sparked the signs and got this below from DOT.


Nathan – we had received complaints starting back in July about the unsafe conditions created from ingress and egress to the vendors using that location and SCDOT put in a Work Request to place no parking signs. We placed 6 signs yesterday based on the complaints received over a month ago. It had been reported that people were creating unsafe conditions doing various things, like pulling off JM Road at that location as though they were stopping to see the vendors, and then driving through and exiting onto 76, basically cutting the right turn line. And some were exiting to actually purchase something and then exiting directly onto 76, or cutting across JM to make a left turn onto 76, and other various unsafe maneuvers.

Robert C. Dickinson, P. E.
District 1 Engineering Administrator