Weeks ago when the pandemic led to the closing of our school facilities, I worried how the graduating seniors would be recognized for their years of hard work and achievement.

After hearing from many of you, I reached out to Superintendent Melton. She and others sought input from parents and others and the result was a memorable one for the Class of 2020.

Every year since I was elected, I make a point to arrange my schedule so that I can attend as many (if not all) of the graduations. For the past 15 years, that’s meant spending most the day (or two) coming/going from the Colonial Center. It’s always impressive to see our students and family in the big arena…..but this year’s ceremonies were on campus and on school fields.

Keeping in line with social distancing protocols, etc, District Five did a great job for each of our high schools.

Photos above were taken at Dutch Fork ceremony. Other photos can be found on my Twitter and Facebook pages.