For perspective, the average number of weekly claims runs around 2,000.

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Due to the influx of unemployment claims being filed, the national system known as ICON hub, which all states use to validate social security numbers on claims in real time, is being overwhelmed with validation requests. We are required to validate social security numbers to avoid fraud and prevent identity theft. The ICON hub team is aware of this unusual issue and is working to expand their database capacity.

In South Carolina, we are getting two different Social Security related questions:

First: The social security number field keeps you from filing a claim and states that the number is invalid and will not let you proceed to the next screen.

If you are getting this message, that is the validation delay mentioned above. We are asking folks to try to apply during an off-peak time. The validation of the social security number is done in REAL time, so that means as you are attempting to file, there are A LOT of people nationwide doing the same exact thing. We understand this has been an issue for a lot of people and as we get more information on progress, we will communicate that out.

Second: Once you have filed a claim, received a confirmation number and returned to the portal, your dashboard may show a pending Social Security Number Validation issue or a pending Separation issue.

These issues will be handled by our agency staff. No action is needed on your end. And if additional information is needed, a representative will contact you directly. There is no need to speak to an agent regarding these issues.