Earlier this afternoon, I was notified that the Lowman Home is moving forward with their road abandonment request. I have never experienced something like this before but SCDOT tells me that it is a legal process that the court rules upon. For months, I’ve kept everyone updated about this possibility and was able to prepare for any closure by getting the SCDOT to commit to installing a traffic signal at the end of Johnson Marina road (so we can all turn left if the roads thru Lowman Home are closed). The SCDOT informs me should the courts rule in favor of the Lowman Home request, they would have everything completed with traffic light within 6 weeks.

If you missed any of those articles, here are some .

I’ve asked SCDOT and Lowman Home to keep me informed of next steps. Apparently the notice below starts the “notification period” (3 weeks?) required before the court can hear any cases. I imagine public can speak at any court hearings and will work to find out that/those date(s) when they are decided by the courts.