I debated even addressing all the garbage you’ve been receiving the past several weeks in the mail, at your door, on your telephone.

With limited space on a mailer, I thought I’d touch on a few of the attacks. There are new people that have moved into our community that may not be familiar with my service and record of results for our community and state. Almost every month since being first elected, I send a COMMUNITY UPDATE so that everyone knows what’s going on in state government in our community. If you or your neighbors aren’t receiving the updates via email, please let me know by clicking CONTACT above (or here) and sending me your email and home address.

Even though I’m tight with money, I decided to send this out this week to set the record straight. As always, call or email anytime you have questions! No telling what else will be coming from these third-party activist groups this last week before the June 12th election. They are trying to buy this seat for my opponent and put someone they can control in this office. Don’t be fooled.

Speaking of being tight with money, I’ve had this same website for probably 10+ years and am finally giving in to the requests to “get with the 90s” and upgrade it. Look for changes in the weeks ahead!