If you have a son or daughter who plays sports/cheers/dances or a child that participates in ANY after school activity….or, if you have young kids or maybe even no kids…prepare yourself!

VERY SOON, the Ballentine Chickfila will be closed for a “few weeks of renovation”.

Let that sink in for a minute.

EVERYONE in the Ballentine/Chapin/Irmo area has visited this store at least once…probably THIS WEEK! It’s one of the busiest franchises in the Southeast!

I suggest you savor your next few meals before the doors are closed – just temporarily though.

The Operator/Franchisee, Steve Arnold, is a super fantastic guy (Rep. Huggins and I even talked him into being the speaker at one of our Prayer Breakfasts in 2011) and he is always helping out someone or some group in the area. He’s making some changes but will be back before you know it!

I don’t know how to help you cope with this news; but I do know that Steve, Jim, Jesse, Pam, Shirley and others will be back in a few weeks and welcome us all with their smiling faces and cheerful attitudes!

Hang in there, everyone. This too will pass 🙂