In addition to the big news this week that Richland County Council rejected a proposed 200+ new home development off Johnson Marina Road, I’ve got more good news to share

As you know, Johnson Marina Road has been scheduled for improvements and we should start to see those continue in earnest in the next several weeks. During many conversations and meetings with the SCDOT officials, I have asked for 2 additional improvements we need that were not a part of the original plan: a left turn lane from Johnson Marina onto Dutch Fork Road and a traffic signal at this busy intersection.

Tonight, I can share that both of those improvements have been approved and we will see a benefit that will be much needed.

Why the traffic signal you ask?

Earlier this year, officials and residents of the Lowman Home asked me to meet with them to discuss master plans they have been wanting to implement to provide a safer community for their residents by restricting access to their property to those individuals that work or live at the Heritage of Lowman and The Lowman Home.

As locals know, the property owned by the Heritage of Lowman has been dissected for years by what almost everyone in town uses as a “shortcut” (to Chapin Middle, Spring Hill, CATE Center) and a way to avoid having to wait to turn left at Johnson Marina/Dutch Fork Intersection (which is impossible).

By law, the Heritage at Lowman has the right to pursue “blocking access” of this road since they own property on both sides. Obviously if others did not have access to that road and did not have any traffic signal to assist with the left-turn need at Johnson Marina/Dutch Fork Road, this would be a nightmare for the area. I was straight forward and let those officials know that they would be hurting the area unless I was able to get DOT to provide us a much needed signal.

Fortunately, things have worked out. While the Heritage at Lowman obviously has some required steps to take in order to “close the shortcut”; the approval of a traffic signal on Dutch Fork Road will help our community not be negatively impacted by the “closing of the road”.

Much more to come on this; but it’s good to see continued improvements coming to our area !