Rep. Nathan Ballentine – Columbia Rotary Club from UTPL on Vimeo.

Been a member of Rotary International since the 90s and last year transferred membership downtown to the Columbia Rotary Club.

It’s a larger club than the Spring Valley Club I started in and larger than the Lake Murray/Irmo Club; but the meetings on Monday make it easier for me to attend due to my schedule. It’s also good to still have members of our community there with me each week downtown!

I shared a “Chicago Style Politics” joke with the club during Health and Happiness and had friends tell me they thought it was a pretty good one. There’s plenty of good people in politics but in today’s environment, people can get painted with broadstrokes. I hope none of my colleagues in Columbia take offense.

If you’re interested in joining the Columbia Rotary Club, let me know. Or check out a local Rotary club in your area. Our slogan of Service above self is what I try to live through my public service belief: People, not Politics.