As most know, when it comes to development and zoning, Richland and Lexington County Council decide those matters. Not me at the State House. Our area is represented in council district 1, represented by Bill Malinowski.

That being said, I was informed by many of you about a proposal on Johnson Marina Road that would greatly impact our area (to include the already overcrowded Lake Murray Elementary School). I contacted our local Richland County Councilman last week, Bill Malinowski, and informed him of the meeting that was to be held last Friday at Lake Murray Elementary School. He is aware of my concerns; however, he needs to know your concerns as well.

Looks like the October 2nd Planning Commission meeting will NOT have this proposal on their agenda. Instead, I’ve been told it will appear on the November agenda.

It’s my understanding the developer plans to attend the October 2nd meeting of the Ballentine Dutch Fork Civic Association (6:30pm at Ballentine Park). I would obviously encourage you to attend if your schedule permits; but know I will be there as well as I try to visit with the association at their meetings as much as possible.

Please email me directly at any feedback/concerns you have about the proposal so that I can share those with our councilman. Obviously you can email him directly; but I’m happy to print every email and deliver to him so that I will also know of your concerns in this local matter (and be sure he does as well)