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Thanks to continued feedback from constituents in the area, the dangerous intersection on Johnson Marina Road will soon become a four-way stop!

*Also, next week SCDOT will be mowing around this intersection to improve visibility. (Special thanks to a young student – Adelyn R. – for mentioning this hazard to her parents who passed it along to me!)

I received this email tonight after inquiring the end of last month.


Representative Ballentine:

Reponses to each of the items are included under each item below in red. Following is a detailed response for Item 3 regarding the intersection of Johnson Marina Road (S-218) at Richard Franklin Road/Reformation Road (S-1333). A study has been conducted to determine the need for all-way stop control at this location.

The review revealed that Richard Franklin Road/Reformation Road intersects Johnson Marina Road to form a cross type intersection. The posted speed limit along Johnson Marina Road, which is the through street, is 45 mph. However, the speed limit is reduced through the intersection by the use of “Intersection” warning signs with 35 mph speed plates. The sight distance from the stop locations is adequate for this speed limit. Richard Franklin Road and Reformation Road are controlled by the use of “Stop” signs and “Stop Ahead” warning signs on each approach to the intersection.

The most recent review of the crash history at this location shows that the crash rate has significantly increased over the last year. The cause appears to be a result of an increase in traffic volumes occurring from a substantial growth in the number of houses in this area. While the traffic volumes do not quite meet warrants for all-way stop control, they are close enough for consideration. Therefore, due to the continued growth in the area as well as an increased crash history, converting the intersection to all-way stop control is recommended to increase safety to the traveling public. Our maintenance forces will perform the work needed to convert the intersection to all-way stop control as soon as their schedule permits.

Thank you again for bringing these matters to our attention. If I can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you,

Robert C. Dickinson, P. E.
Acting District 1 Engineering Administrator
1400 Shop Road
Columbia, SC 29201