I have heard from many of you in the past several days and wanted to be sure I had as much feedback as possible before we head towards a historic debate next week when the General Assembly returns to the State House.

In recent days I have been hearing from colleagues about possible AMENDMENTS planned for the debate. Honestly, I do not know if there will be any “straight up or down vote on removal” of the flag; but I would assume there would be. I am hearing from some about options to “replace” the flag with a different one and that’s why I’m reaching out to you for your input.

Be sure I know your thoughts…either by commenting below (be respectful, please), contacting me through the website , or emailing me at

If I simplified options/amendments that may come up, I would ask you:

1) Remove flag from State House grounds?
2) Remove flag…but REPLACE with another? If so, WHICH flag?

Thank you for your time and thoughtful feedback.