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Everyone knows in two weeks, Chapin will host our annual Labor Day Festival & Parade !

One staple of the holiday has always been the annual Parade that is filled with children, ball teams, churches, service groups, and politicians (although I prefer “public servant”).

This year I’ve decided to walk and support one of my former State House colleagues, and current United States Senator, Tim Scott ! Representative Huggins also plans to walk with us; so Chip and I will leave our banners, t-shirts and signs at home; and will look forward to seeing you and your family along the parade route with our friend, Tim.

If you’d like to join us along the parade route, contact me here and I can make it happen. As usual, you’ll see many other public servants from our local school board to statewide officials, as well as Congressman Joe Wilson and US Senator Lindsey Graham.

Want some BBQ and support Senator Tim Scott? You can do that at the home of JoAnn and Bill Dukes (523 Caro Lane, Chapin) from 12:30 to 1:30. Please give Drea Byers a call at 804-413-5951 or email her at dreabyars67@gmail.com to hold your spot. $50 per person / $100 per family.

2014 Tim Scott