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As of Tuesday night, we have 19 spots left before we’re at capacity (209) for this week’s 8th Annual Irmo Community Prayer Breakfast!

Please RSVP to Elizabeth Donehue ( quickly so you can grab the last spots!

Years ago, Representative Huggins and I wanted to do provide something for Irmo that was missing. Chapin has their Annual Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast and we felt Irmo could benefit from something similar as well.

We continue to rotate among churches in the area and would love to bring to your church in the coming years! This year we’re back at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian (site of the 2nd Annual event) and next year we’ll be back to Gateway Baptist (site of the 3rd Annual event). If you’d like your church to be a host church for 2015, please contact me and we’d be happy to share your church with the community!

Thanks to the support of our sponsors, we’ve been able to provide the event for FREE to the community the past few years and hope to continue to do so!

For a look at past events, click on the links below.

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