2011 Coaches Pitch Champions: Muckdogs

Even before JC and Emma started playing on the fields of Friarsgate Park , I knew what the park and the Irmo Little League meant to our community.

Prior to my election we’d had no representation on Richland County Recreation Commission . I worked hard to change that my first year in office and was able to gain support from my Richland Delegation colleagues in the State House to approve the appointment of John Ecton to help begin a long overdue focus on Friarsgate Park and the Irmo Little League. Today, Todd Latiff, is our commissioner who continues to do great things for these fields and our kids.

While Friarsgate Park does have other activities, it’s the Irmo Little League that keeps the park going! Numerous parents volunteer their time and talents almost daily to assure the league maintains it’s spot as the “premiere” league in Richland County (as evidenced by our statewide champions and officials umpiring the Little League World Series ).

If you have a boy or girl who wants to learn about baseball/softball as well as the qualities of sportsmanship and teamwork, sign them up for the 2012 spring seasion.

Visit the Irmo Little League’s website to learn more details and, once again, I’ll see you around the ballpark this spring!

From Opening Day 2008