Was pleased yesterday to see more support for my ongoing efforts to change the appointments process in Richland County. (Thanks to Sen. Joel Lourie for his consistent bi-partisan support of my efforts).

Being one of two members of the General Assembly to serve on both Richland AND Lexington legislative delegations (Sen. John Courson is the other), I have a chance to learn from both.

It’s my opinion that we should have all applicants to our boards and commissions be vetted by the entire delegation and not just five members of an appointment committee. My concern is not with “which Representative or Senator’s constituent is selected” but rather which applicants can best serve our county using his/her talents, experience, and vision.

Much work is done on all the boards and commissions that we appoint. If we are to be sure Richland County – and the Midlands of SC – keeps up with the rest of the state, we must appoint our best and brightest. Just as the Upstate and Lowcountry work together; so should we in the Midlands.

More importantly, so should every region work together to lift the entire state of South Carolina!

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