Opening soon on Bower Parkway!

Pawmetto Lifeline, formerly Project Pet , is very excited as September quickly approaches! Next month they are scheduled to move into their new Adoption, Medical and Education Center that will be named: Meyer Finlay Pet Adoption Center of Lexington and Richland Counties!

This Center will be a community center that will partner with both Lexington and Richland County municipal shelters. All animal rescue organizations that need medical services for their rescued pets as well as low income families that need to have their pets altered will also be welcomed!

Children will also be invited to the center to learn about the very values that make us a great community in which to live and seniors who will visit and help us socialize our homeless pets.

With more than 23,000 homeless pets in the Midlands and over 19,000 losing their lives due to homelessness, Pawmetto Lifeline is excited and confident in that a new day is coming for the homeless pets of the Midlands. Pawmetto Lifeline truly values all lives given by the creator and believes the manner in which we treat the most vulnerable is a reflection of our community’s values.

The organization is grateful and very proud of the leadership of both Lexington and Richland County Councils for having the courage to invest in “change.” A change that is all about solving problems and saving millions of dollars long term. The entire community is invited to join Pawmetto Lifeline on this journey.

Once they are in the new building, adoptions are projected to increase by 300% and they will have the capacity to provide over 30,000 spay/neuters to companion pets.

The Education Center on the second floor will allow school children to visit regularly and learn about being a responsible pet owner and citizen who embraces the values that create a great community for all to live. The Seniors’ Room is designed to have senior citizens visiting to help the center socialize our pets that have been traumatized and who need help furthering the human-animal bond.

All of these programs are being implemented with the end goal of creating a no-kill community, meaning no healthy adoptable pet should be euthanized simply because he/she is homeless. The programs will ultimately put a balance in place between the supply and demand of companion pets.

Last and certainly not least, Pawmetto Lifeline projects to save $13 million in taxes over ten years as our programs are implemented.

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