You’ve no doubt seen the news that today the House passed “On the Record Voting” which had been a two years+ campaign for our new Governor and I last session, that ultimately died in the Senate. Seems this year both bodies are working quickly to hold the General Assembly accountable to the voters and I’m hopeful for legislation being signed into law by Governor Haley in the upcoming weeks!

What you may not have heard (or seen before) is the updgraded website for the SC General Assembly (screen shot above) that now shows you a quick and easier way to see how your elected officials vote on matters before us in Columbia.

To get to these pages, simply

1) Visit
2) Click “Bios” under either House or Senate
3) Click on the elected official’s name you’d like to review
4) Click on “Find Votes” (under Voting Record)

Not only can you see voting records, the links on those pages also take you quickly to other pertinent information. Prior to these upgrades, you would have to find the bill, find when it was voted, find the journal number, then go to that journal and search or scroll the entire journal for that day to find the answers you were looking to find.

I’ll write more later but wanted you to share this with you first…on Nathan’s News!