Next week, I head to Boston to take part in Democracy 2.0: Connecting with the 21st Century American.

I’m looking forward to the chance to not only present how I stay in touch with my constituents via social media; but also learn a thing or two from others at the conference.

In total there will be about 50 elected officials from across the country and I’ll be on a panel Saturday morning with NY Assemblyman Jonathan Bing (D). Jonathan’s already ahead of me with his use of Social Media advertising and fundraising. We’ve also already learned we have different views about Twitter and that’s what will be great about the discussion.  A southern Republican from South Carolina and a northen Democrat from Manhattan. Both presumably seving different constituencies but both understanding the importance of staying in touch.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank my “web guy” (aka Social Media Director, if I wanted to be fancy) Wesley Donehue  for not only revamping Nathan’s News after two years(“decades” in today’s world of technology); but also for pushing me to get on Twitter (months before I finally made the jump). Originally I thought “who cares what I’m doing?” While that may still be true, Twitter and Facebook have given me a chance to get instant feedback from voters on issues.

As you can see above, I had over 50 replies to a question about legislation I’ve been asked to file next session.

While I use social media like most people (to stay in touch w/friends and family), it’s been another tool to help me continue to stay in touch year-round with voters instead of just at election time.

Before too long, the South Carolina General Assembly will return for 119th regular session. Many members still do not utilize social media. If yours doesn’t, ask why not? If they haven’t been on Pub Politics yet – ask, why not? I really enjoyed my first visit  (April 2010) and hopefully can work my schedule to appear more often with Wesley and Phil Bailey (D).

Now that we’ve revamped the site and overcome a virus, look for more regular postings again.  Thanks for stoping by, I hope you’ll visit often!