A few months ago, I met Cynthia in her studio as a guest on her radio news talk show: OnPoint! with Cynthia Hardy. I enjoyed our time in studio and learned she was moving into our community.

Tonight I want to share her with you and also point out her Leadership Institute for Girls

Interested in making sure your little girl understands the social graces and leadership skills associated with becoming a responsible young lady? Want to make sure your pre-teen / teenager develops leadership skills as she grows and matures?

I hope you’ll consider her Institute and also listen every Sunday evening to her and her guests!

Cynthia Pryor Hardy is a communications executive who currently owns and hosts the market’s #1 weekly radio news talk show. The show, OnPoint! with Cynthia Hardy is heard every Sunday evening at 6:00 on WWDM 101.3 – and covers 80% of South Carolina, parts of Georgia, and North Carolina.

Cynthia’s journalistic insight is often sought by media outlets on the national level. She has appeared on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews, and NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokav, NPR’s News and Notes and a host of statewide and local news programs.

Cynthia Pryor Hardy grew up in Birmingham, Alabama and began her professional career there as a radio news reporter. She later spent 7 years as a television reporter for ABC affiliate in Birmingham. During that time she was voted Best Reporter in the State of Alabama by United Press International.

Cynthia relocated to Columbia in 1990 after accepting a position with the Urban League where she eventually served as the organization’s vice president for communications and program development. In that capacity, Cynthia launched statewide and community initiatives that impacted the lives of thousands of people. After more than 15 years at the Urban League, Cynthia joined her husband’s advertising agency Maxim Communications Group, Inc. in May 2007 as its vice president responsible for day-to-day operation. In that capacity, Cynthia works with a team of professionals who service local, state, and national clients. For the past three years Maxim has been listed in The State’s Book of Lists, ranked among the top 10 advertising agencies in the area.

As a communications consultant, Cynthia has amassed an impressive list of high profile projects and clients. In 1994, she served as interview and communications coach for Miss America, Kimberly Aiken. In January of 2001, she served as communications director for King Day at the Dome a march and rally in protest of the Confederate flag in South Carolina. In anticipation of and during the event, Cynthia coordinated media relations and news coverage for outlets around the world. The event remains the largest Civil Rights gathering in the state’s history with more than 50,000 attending. In 2002 and 2003 Cynthia worked with the Seventh Episcopal District of the A.M.E. Church as communications consultant for Pentecost in the Millennium – the largest gathering of A.M.E.s in the country with more than 16,000 thousand attending the religious service each year and garnering national coverage.

Cynthia Pryor Hardy is currently on the Board of Trustees for her alma mater – Columbia College and on the board of directors of the Mountains to the Midlands Girl Scout Council. She is on the Hospitality Tax Funding Committee for the Arts appointed by the Mayor and City Council in Columbia, SC. Cynthia is married to Columbia businessman and advertising executive James B. Hardy IV.