Team Muddy Caboose: Me, Karen and good friends, Robbie and Kim Carroll at the finish line.
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For those following me or Karen on Twitter and Facebook, you’ve known we’ve been preparing for this event for several weeks. Well….that’s if you define “preparing” as running on a treadmill (no incline), listening to an iPod , and running inside with air conditioning at the YMCA. None of which prepared us for the main event.

Having done zero exercise since my “glory days” playing intramural football in college (note: we won championship), I was worried I couldn’t finish this course. So just finishing was our goal and finish we did!

The morning started on the wrong foot at Urgent Care (not for me/Karen but for JC who we thought might have flu/strep). We just hoped we wouldn’t come full-circle and end the day back where we started!

When we were waiting in the team-chute to begin the 4.2 mile course , an ambulance drove past (lights on) with a few medical folks running behind it. Other mud-runners passed along the news of a broken-leg earlier in the day and soon I was asking myself “What in the world am I doing here?”

I was surprised to learn several constituents, Facebook friends, local TV personalities and even the Governor participated that day among the 1,700+ teams.

Oh, wanna know who the corporate overall winner was? Try members of our community: Mark Woody, Ray Hunt, and the rest of their team on Hunt Financial group with an amazing time of 38:00! Are you kidding me???

Would we do it again? You bet…and we’re planning on improving on our first-year time when we return in 2010. I hope to see you out there and when you see me around town, ask me if I’m still exercising…I need to make that a habit instead of a fad.

If you want to see a first-hand view of what the entire course was like, check out this homemade video made by a contestant who had a videocamera taped to his shirt! If you’d rather catch a 3 minute highlight clip , this sums it up, too.

For lots of photos visit and also a few here .

If that’s not enough mud for your liking, there’s been plenty slung around the Palmetto State lately. When will enough be enough? Most know to not even address the stuff and realize people will see things for what they are: outright lies, distorted lies, smears, and distractions just to tear someone down instead of building their candidate or cause up.