I know, I know….”done good”?? Shoot me. I like it.

While news came out today that the average SAT scores dropped 9 points (1452) for all our high school students in the state (public, parochial, private), there are some bright spots here in our community!

And while SC is ranked 47th out of 50 states and the District of Columbia, our schools are doing their fair share in pulling the numbers up.

Last night when I spoke again at the Dutch Fork High School Student Government Installation program, I heard Principal Gregg Morton share some information that was unveiled today. After trying to read through all the small print in the links below, here’s what I’ve uncovered.

I’m proud to share these statistics with you with the links provided courtesy of The State.

Lexington/Richland School District Five had the highest percentage of SAT takers than any other school district in the ENTIRE STATE ( 71% of our seniors took the test )

How about a school-by-school breakdown:

93% Charleston Academic Magnet High School
88% SC Governors School Arts & Humanities
86% SC Governors School Science & Math
84% Fox Creek High School (Edgefield)
81% Hilton Head High School
79% AC Flora High School
79% Charleston County School of Arts
76% Riverside High School (Greenville) Editor’s note: My alma mater 1988
73% Irmo High School
72% West Florence High School
72% Chapin High School
72% Dreher High School
69% Dutch Fork High School

It’s no wonder with the highest percentage district wide in the state that all three district high schools rank in the TOP 13 in terms of percentage of students at the school that take the SAT!

How about the SAT scores by school throughout the state ?

2025 Governor’s School Science & Math
1869 Academic Magnet High (Charleston)
1785 Governor’s School Arts & Humanities
1633 Riverside High (Greenville)
1620 Crescent High (Anderson) *only 6% students took test
1611 Charleston County School of Arts
1599 Greenville Technical Charter High
1598 Daniel High (Pickens)
1592 Fort Mill High (York 4)
1585 Spring Valley (Richland 2)
1581 Nation Ford High (York 4)
1572 Lexington High
1568 Wando High (Charleston)
1563 Dutch Fork High
1563 South Aiken
1557 AC Flora (Richland 1)
1554 Landrum High (Spartanburg 1)
1551 Mayo High (Darlington)
1544 Chapin High

Two of our three schools are in the TOP 19 in the entire state!

While there’s always controversy out here regarding our school district, there’s no debate on the quality of education our students receive.

Thanks again to those teachers and staff that are preparing our leaders of tomorrow! (Let’s also not forget the parents of these students who do their part at home!)