Give me a week to unwind (heading to Black Mountain, NC – inlaws) and I’ll work on a recap of what we did this year in the General Assembly. I don’t want you to have to wait that long though for these two nuggets you might not hear about anywhere else.

I can’t remember where these “must-haves” were placed on most citizen’s “to do list” for this session but we worked hard and managed to deliver them for our state.

Jobs/Economic Development – maybe next time
Restructuring – maybe next time
Spending Caps – maybe next time
Education Funding Formula – maybe next time
Campaign Finance Improvements – maybe next time
Ducks – yep
Turltes – yep
Dolphins – yep
Whales – yep

H.3131 is on the way to the Governor’s Desk for him to veto, sign, or let it become law without his signature.

H.3121 already became law earlier this moth (becoming Act 6 – yes, only six – of the year).

In previous years, we delivered a state color and a state snack. Be sure we know what other “state” item you want for 2010 so we can be sure it doesn’t get bogged down in the other stuff folks are looking for from elected officials.