Barring some unforeseen circumstances when the results come in tonight, the Republican Party will still keep it’s Majority status in the South Carolina House of Representatives.

As I mentioned back in May , there have been several “inside the chamber” races going on these past few months as new leadership emerges in the House of Representatives for next session.

Earlier this week, shared that Kenny Bingham was the last man standing in the Majority Leader race and tonight I share that Bruce Bannister is the last man standing in the Assistant Majority Leader race.

Both Kenny and Bruce are currently uncontested for their respective positions and with voting set to take place no later than the first week of December, it appears they will lead the new Republican Caucus which is sure to look different than previous years.

Tonight, both Rs and Ds are watching these races closely in the House:

UPDATED (11/5) with winner in bold:

(open seat) David Herndon (R) v. Anton Gunn (D) 54% to 46% (Republicans lose this open seat after retirement of Rep. Bill Cotty)

(open seat) Deborah Long (R) 57-43% (Republicans hold onto this open seat after Rep. Mick Mulvaney moves to SC Senate) v. Fred Thomas (D)

Rep. Wallace Scarborough (R) v. Anne Peterson Hutto (D) 51 to 49%

Rep. Don Bowen (R) 53% to 47% v. Tom Dobbins (D)

Rep. Vida Miller (D) 51% to 49% v. Jill Kelso (R)

Rep. Dennis Moss (D) 53% to 47% v. Danny Stacy (R)

Stay tuned for more updates this evening and tomorrow….