In case you’re not sure, we’re less than a month away from one of the “most important elections” ever.

I’m reminding you because, since SC is seen as a state that’s not really in play (McCain should carry the state), you haven’t seen too many ads flooding the airwaves like the folks are seeing in the “swing states”.

I put the phrase “most important election” in quotes because….well….it seems like every election is labeled like that. At least this year, I think we have an election that will certainly change history. Whether Republicans win or Democrats win, our country will either have the first African-American President or the first female Vice-President. Both are pretty big news, if you ask me.

But tonight’s post isn’t about labels like black/white, male/female, Republican/Democrat though. We have enough labels in the world that separate us already.

One label I had to write about though is the ever present record-label and the music industry. I mean, forget the issues! Don’t we all just really listen to the songs that play when candidates walk out on stage and base our decision then who our guy (gal) is?

I mean, I’m the biggest Boston fan you’ll find; so when Huckabee played “More than a Feeling”, that was it! He was my man! But wait….then Tom Scholz got upset and told Huckabee to stop playing and using his song. Huckabee couldn’t really be my man if Boston didn’t like him, right?

Seems McCain’s DJ must not have passed around the permission slips either because John Cougar Mellencamp (does he still live on Hilton Head?) got into the act too.

Then you have the ladies from Heart. They rock pretty good (for ladies) I kinda figured they’d be Palin supporters. Not so fast though!

At what point do you ask yourself “Has it come to THIS?”

Of course, I like U2 too (had to put the cheesy pun there) and they’re a pretty good band. Saw ’em years ago at Williams-Brice. Bono’s supporting Obama. Well, ok. Guess I’ll support him as well, right?

Most recently Jackson Browne (a little more mellow than some above) sued the McCain camp for playing one of his songs. I figured a laid-back dude like Browne would really not care so much but hey….I guess with all the Napster stuff years ago, every artist is a little touchy about his/her work.

To me, it makes no difference. In my opinion the music/entertainment industry is majority Democrats anyway and I think the country knows that. So what’s the big deal? I don’t think anyone assumes a band or singer has endorsed a candidate just because their song is played during a campaign event.

I also think it’s silly for folks to even think their endorsements matter. It’s about the issues and leadership. But hey….you go vote for anyone you want. Just don’t stop thinking about tomorrow!