I really don’t know what to say other than “Are you kidding me?”

Senator Barack Obama has raised over $400,000,000 during his presidential campaign. (In case you’re wondering…..the United States Population is just over 300,000,000. Do that math there).

I’ve been in public service for four years now and I obviously have heard that “money is the mother’s milk of politics” but c’mon….at what point is enough enough? (English majors, is that correct?)

Granted, he’s running for the “leader of the free world” but, to put things in perspective, my campaign raised barely over $30,000 for a seat in the SC House (2004). And I couldn’t believe it when I learned others had raised and spent six figures (for a job that pays $10,400 annual salary, no less).

Another saying in politics is “there are 2 kinds of candidates; those that raise money….and losers.” Can you believe that? Anyone candidate who says he/she loves raising money is lying (or maybe just a part of the system too long). Personally, it’s the worst part of being a public servant.

I give Senator Obama credit though. He’s tapped into people who have never voted before and never donated before. He’s also very dialed in to “new media” as well (Editor’s note: shameless plug here, I’m now on Facebook, too). I guess one benefit from a possilbe Obama White House could be the socialization of college football’s National Championship. I mean, c’mon…it’s not really fair that the rich keep getting richer is it? Maybe one year the mythical “National Champion” title can just be given to my Gamecocks .

To follow the money locally, you can click here (and in a few weeks everyone will have their updated finances reported). To follow the money nationally, you can click here.

In December, I will pre-file legislation to allow our citizens to follow the money at all levels (county, school districts, etc) as well as align our “dead period” (campaign disclosures) with the federal system so that everyone will know who gave to what candidate before they head to the polls.