I’m torn tonight whether to write about this. We obviously have many folks in our community in need of prayer. Some I get a chance to write about. Obviously several others, I do not.

But I couldn’t let it go without bringing this to everyone’s attention in our community and asking for everyone’s prayers for Rod Shealy, Sr.

The news first broke this morning after Rod wrote on his weekly blog, Doing the First .

I literally had to pull over in my car.

Rod Shealy – political consultant, businessman, and always a “Hawaiian-Shirt-Wearing-Guy” – has shared that he has a cancerous brain tumor.

Simply put – keep him and his family in your prayers.

Arguably one of the most brilliant minds in SC politics , Rod learned under the tutelage of “Republican Bad Boy” Lee Atwater . Everyone in political cirlces either loves him or hates him (opponents of his candidates, obviously the latter) but tonight, everyone joins me in sending their love and prayers.

Rod’s a laid-back, fun-loving guy but I know he’ll treat this battle like he does all his campaigns – aggressively, with everything he’s got, and pulling off another upset that many thought he couldn’t.

Never – never – bet against him!

UPDATE (8/6): Tonight, one of SC’s most popular blogs has put the first of a series of video interviews with Rod) Go visit at www.schotline.com.