I was never really a fan of Dr. Frasier Crane but his “Hello Seattle, I’m listening” did kinda grow on me. I prefered Norm Peterson on Cheers and now that I have kids, the voice of Cliff Clavin has grown on me too (if you have young children, you’ll understand what I’m talking about).

Anyway, we just wrapped up the end of a two-year session weeks ago and I’m already doing research for possible legislation next year.

By the way, the best “research” is listenting to your constituents.

I’ve been hearing from many of you about changes we can make in our state and I appreciate the opinions, ideas, and willingness you have to share with me.

Here’s an early list of topics I’m researching. What are your thoughts on these?

You play the role of State Representative. What legislation would you propose if you could?


Lottery Funding K-12: Why doesn’t more go to K-12? Simple. The law specifies where the money goes. I want to look at this and see what can be done. Obviously, with all the higher-education scholarship money we set aside, you don’t want to adversely impact that.

Graduation rates/Drop Out rates/SAT scores: Any way you look at it, we rank at (or very near) the bottom. What can be done? More money? (We spend alot as it is). How about incentives to graduate? What about incentives to get tutoring?

Note: Next Tuesday, the Education Finance Act Study Committee will meet to continue talks about how to best fund state education. I’m sure legislation will come from this committee for next session.


Candidate/Official Filings: In April the House and Senate joined our Constitutional Officers by filing our campaign disclosure forms electronically. Why aren’t all local officials required? Why is it optional for some? What about filing dates? Why the “dead period” weeks before elections and runoffs?

Qualifications for office: What education/experience is needed to hold certain positions? What’s the minimum requirements needed to be a Sherrif? What about a Coroner? What about an Auditor? Treasurer?