I’m only 37 years old but tonight I sounded like my grandfather when I told my wife “$100 for family night out for dinner and movies?! Are you kidding me?!”

I wish I were making it up, and when you find out where we went you really will be shocked.

Tonight, Karen, Sarah, JC, Emma and I had Family Night and it started with dinner at……ChicFilA. Yep, we really went all out, huh? (We love going to Guido’s Pizza in Ballentine but we were trying to save a litte and were rushed to make the 7:25 show after I got home from work. If you haven’t been to Guido’s, you really are missing GREAT pizza!)

After that we just drove 1/2 mile (thank goodness, with gas now $4/gallon!) to Bower Parkway to see Space Chimps and have some candy, ONE tub of popcorn and TWO drinks.

Way2Save ……….$ 3

I kid you not! Crazy, huh? Or am I just that cheap ?

Also sounding like my grandfather, I thought it was pretty neat that you could skip waiting in the ticket line out front and go inside and buy the tickets quickly at a kiosk. (This concept has probably been around for awhile but we don’t really get out that much!)

Tonight reminded me of why we usually rent from Movies on Demand ($5) and stay at home!

You won’t catch us out that much…and when we do, definitely no candy or popcorn or drinks!