Ok, so I finally gave in.

Even though I’ve already been recognized as “Green Approved” because of my voting record, today I finally decided to “do my part” at home and save some money and maybe in turn, help the environment. (Ok, so it was more my wife’s idea than mine.)

As you know, I’m tight with money so the thought of saving a few dollars got my attention more so than “offsetting my carbon footprint”. Sadly, when I say a FEW dollars – it appears just that. Per the double-asterisks on the box I bought today at Lowe’s, I should save $37.00 over the LIFE of the bulb compared to using a 60 watt “standard” bulb. Since these bulbs are supposed to last SEVEN YEARS, that’s MAYBE ONLY $5 a year in savings or roughly only 40 cents a month. Still, better than nothing, I guess. Of course, then you look at the difference on the cost of this CFL bulb v. how many “normal” bulbs I would buy over 7 years…who knows? And then, I learn there’s mercury in these bulbs! So I’m thinking….am I really doing any good here – environmentally or economically? But I digress…

“The feeling” hit me awhile back when a young lady spoke at the Ballentine Dutch Fork Civic Association but it soon passed before I took any action.

I’ve also had the Do the Light Switchbox sitting in the garage for a few months (thanks, Mid Carolina Electric Cooperative ) but not until today at Lowe’s did I finally really make some changes.

Sure, we had changed ONE light bulb in my son’s closet to this “new” CFL bulb (compact fluorescent, I’ve come to learn) about two months ago but today, when my wife bought us a new light fixture above our kitchen table, we decided to use all CFLs in it – and in the rest of the kitchen too.

Yes, I know. Al Gore probably isn’t doing cartwheels about this small change but I’m at least making an effort.

What about you? Anyone made changes?