It hit me tonight. Before I start writing about Federal Issues that need fixing, I should share a recap of what we did this past session for South Carolina. You know, the you sent me to do.

While I’m flattered (I think?) that some of you think my role is serving you in Washington, I really only drive about fifteen minutes downtown for my public service job. Luckily I’m home every night too.

I’ll write more in the coming week(s) about particular bills to give you a “behind the scenes” look. For now though, you can see the “official recap” on the “major issues”, by clicking here.

As cynical as I am most the time, we actually did deliver on many of the items I shared in January .

Issues/bills I’ll write about during the summer are: Earmark Reform (again), Illegal Immigration (again), Budget Vetoes (again), and Cigarette Tax (again).

As I shared on SCETV in January , I began this year with the feeling that this could be “the year of transparency” for South Carolina politics. In keeping with that thought, I’ll continue to help shed some more light on the actually makings of how “it” really works in our state.