As mentioned last week, the May 1st “crossover deadline” is approaching and in order for bills to have any chance to become law this year the next few weeks are very important.

I expect to see the following major pieces of legislation make it to the House floor during this time (in no particular order):

* Payday Lending

* Funding for our state highways and roads

* State spending caps

* Education – school choice? (public/private)

* Budget (House is finished. Senate will present their version. Conference committee will ultimately determine.)

* Governor’s Vetos

For those wondering where the Cigarette Tax is – it’s been in the Senate since last year. I can’t speak for the “Upper Chamber” so I have no idea when (or if) they plan on approving our bill, amending it, or just avoiding the topic all together.

Other major items already passing the House this year were: Immigration Reform, Earmark Reform, Palmetto Achievement Test improvements.

Is there a topic we’ve overlooked? Let me know. In particular, I’d like to know any ideas you have for Economic Development which should be a center point of any legislative year.