Ironic on many levels, isn’t it?

I’ll admit….I didn’t even know this was “Sunshine Week” until I was doing some legislative research on the web (ok, and reading the blogs to see what’s going on throughout the state).

Earlier this year I actually dubbed 2008 as “The Year of Tranparency” because of our earmark disclosures and because of our soon-to-be on-line campaign disclosure forms.

Turns out this week is all about your right to know.

Makes me think about the positive impacts of our state bloggers and how they help keep a watchful eye on what’s going on daily in the statehouse and throughout our state.

While I’m at it, how about some press for those “uncredentialed” (yet, very informative and first-to-know) blogs like SC Hotline, FITS News, The Shot, Palmetto Scoop, and the newest – The Other Brooks Brother.

If you haven’t checked lately, there’s several out there. Often, they break the stories before MSM (that’s Main Stream Media).

What’s your thoughts on the blogs? Should they receive press credentials like print/TV media?

There’s also a handful of us elected officials throughout the state blogging too: Senator Kevin Bryant, Representative Jeff Duncan, Senator Glenn McConnell, Representative Thad Viers, Senator Ray Cleary, and the pioneer to this “new media” concept, Representative Keith Kelly.