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Monday, March 24, 2008
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Rep. Nathan Ballentine seeks re-election
Continues the fight for people, not politics.

IRMO, SC – One of the state legislature’s chief proponents of fiscal discipline has filed for re-election.

Representative Nathan Ballentine, a Vice President with Wachovia Mortgage, has served the people of Irmo, Chapin, and Dutch Fork in the SC House of Representatives since 2005. Ballentine says he wants to return to the state capital to continue his work on behalf of the taxpayers and to continue his efforts to restore people’s trust in government.

“Two of the most important things any elected official can do are to be a good steward of the people’s money and to conduct himself in a professional manner” said Ballentine, a Republican.

Ballentine added “I believe public service is a noble calling and should be treated as such. Too often, elected leaders forget what true public service is about. They become part of the system rather than part of the solution. For my part, I will continue to stand up to the business-as-usual crowd that holds our state back and work hard to move our state and our community forward”

To symbolize his ongoing commitment to genuine public service, Ballentine has continued to donate his legislative salary each year to the Irmo, Dutch Fork, Chapin, and Harbison communities in the form of educational scholarships and contributions to community groups and causes.

Noted for his fiscal conservatism, Ballentine is a two-time recipient of the “Friend of the Taxpayer” award by the SC Association of Taxpayers and has also been named a “Taxpayer Hero” by Governor Mark Sanford.

Earlier this year, Ballentine was unanimously elected by the House of Representatives to serve as one of only six members on the important House Ethics Committee.

Regarded as one of the state’s leading advocates of education and for his commitment to improving our schools, he has been appointed by the Speaker of the House to serve on both the House Education and Public Works Committee and on the House Education Finance Act Study Committee.
Ballentine is also the primary sponsor on Earmark Reform legislation that requires legislators to attach their names to spending requests in an effort to cut down on anonymous “pork-barrel” spending.

He shared that he will continue his focus on People, Not Politics – the belief that led him to seek office four years ago. “Elected officials who regularly stay in touch with their constituents are better able to shape policy based on true motives instead of listening to the voice of Columbia special interests. Nothing prepared me more for this role than when I first visited more than 3,000 homes in our district and when I continue those visits now in the community.”

For more information, please visit where Nathan openly discusses issues of importance to House District 71 and the Palmetto State.