Master Deputy Sheriff Amanda Lee
Richland County Sheriff’s Department
Community Action Team (C.A.T.)
5623 Two Notch Road
Columbia, SC 29223

Hello Everyone!

Please pass this important information to your residents within your communities, friends and family. Yesterday we had some burglaries that occurred in the daytime by three black males driving a green mini van.

They were seen breaking into a home inside the Waterfalls off of Broad River Road and near the Peak exit. They were seen walking around the home, then punch a window out to gain access into the home. Once inside, they just opened up the garage door, backed their Mini Van up to the home and started to load items up into their Mini Van.

The areas that these Burglaries have taken place:

Rolling Creek
Julius Richardson

(all within the same area. Please be aware they probably know that the police know by now, and they might move their crimes to another area outbound. SO EVERYONE BE ON THE LOOK OUT!)

Again, these are happening during the day. Those of you who stay at home in the afternoons, please be aware of what is going on inside the community. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, like a garage door open while your neighbors are at work, someone walking around “casing” a property, or a vehicle driving slowly through the community please do not hesitate and call 911 right away. If you see these or other suspects breaking into a home or committing another crime, PLEASE TELL DISPATCH THAT THIS CRIME IS IN PROGRESS!

If you can, gather information like a Tag for the vehicle, clothing description, what they are doing, the exact address of where the crime is occurring, vehicle description, and if they leave, what direction did you see them go.

Thank you so much for helping us in stopping these criminals! Again, please pass this to your communities right away. It is important to get these burglars off the street and show them that the Outbound area is not going to tolerate this kind of criminal activity.

Last week we also had:

One Grand Larceny (something stolen over $1,000) from the harbison area off Harbison Blvd.

One Attempted Burglary in the Raintree Subdivision. The suspect in that case was arrested by Richland County Sheriff’s that afternoon at the scene.