Apparently, my car.

Sure, she’s not exactly in the top-shape she once was, but she still looked pretty good on the outside.

Two hundred and fifty dollars? Are you kidding me? Was I really that cheap to have driven around for years in a car that is worth less than most people’s monthly car payment?

That means the car I’ve spent 10 years of my life in isn’t even worth enough to buy this bicycle as a replacement, or a push-lawmower, or even a pot to pee in!

If that wasn’t enough, it turns out I should have actually taken them up on their offer. After I chose to drive her to the dealer in Rock Hill last Saturday, she never got in gear again and was towed away.

Ten years of getting me where I needed to go and she hung in there right up until the very end!

The dealer told me Governor Sanford’s got nothing on you.” And so, after getting every penny out of her that I could, it’s now time to start over again.

This time with a six year old model (2002) with “only” 75,000 miles. If this one holds up half-as-good as my last one did, looks like Sarah may be driving a spiffy eleven year old car with less than 200,000 miles on it when she’s a junior in high school. (I’m sure she’s looking forward to that – not.)