First, I want to thank those that took the time to reply to my 2008 Government Reform Questionairre. I personally opened each questionairre and was amazed at the response rate I received this year!

Thank you also for the kind words of support and the way you appreciate the service, openess, and the way I conduct business as an elected official for our area.Since you first honored me as your voice in the South Carolina House, I have often used a questionairre to ask your opinions on critical issues facing our state. This has proven to be a valuable tool while working to accurately represent the views of our districts.

As your Representative, I am committed to doing my part to renew the faith that many have lost in government. Staying in touch and hearing directly from you, the people, is the best way I know to serve House District 71 as well as the entire state of South Carolina.

Now to the results of the responses

The area of most agreement was where 84% of the respondents said that “Yes, the state should reform campaign finance laws in order to limit the influence of money in politics.”

61% said that lawmakers should “continue to request state spending for needed local projects, but use restraint; strike the right balance between securing important local projects and the need to rein in state spending. (36% said “always oppose earmakrs and “pork” in order to limit government spending).

74% said that “elected Representatives must listen to the will of their constituents, and vote accordingly. In some instances, however, a representative must do what he feels is right, regardless of personal interest.”

Lastly, 62% agreed that “all caucus meeting should be open to the public.”

I chose to keep the survey focused on these four very important topics that can (and will) be debated over the next few months (or more). Because of your suggestions and ideas, I feel I can now better weigh all sides of issues before casting my vote and setting policy.

As I continue to speak at civic groups, churches, and homeowner meetings, I will focus on listening so that people will always win out over politics!