The latest Winthrop/ETV Poll results were released last week and in the results were questions about “Restructuring”. This is very timely because I will vote on restructuring this week when the House returns to Columbia.

Do the results below reflect your views too? I’m curious to find out.

First, I’d simply say this – I really see no downside in voting to give the people of our state the opportunity to decide for themselves which offices are elected or appointed. That’s really what the bill does. It requires a constitutional amendment which means you actually get the “real vote” (as we did before in the state with traditional marriage and property tax relief). So whether we pass the bill or not , it doesn’t mean those offices are now appointed or remain elected. That decision would be up to y’all.

I’m just thinking, if these results are to be believed below is there really a need to put this on a ballot?

What do you think?

Oh…and for the record, there is no Secretary of Administration….but how many really knew that?

That’s part of the reason why appointing versus electing can be important. Not just for efficiency in government but to be sure the “best” candidate serves. The way it is now on these ‘down ballot’ races, most people really don’t know much about the candidates outside of Governor and maybe Lt. Governor. Is it “fair” that perhaps the most well-financed candidates benefit because they can get name ID out there and their opponent can’t?

I need your help here.


Currently, the offices of governor and lieutenant governor are elected separately in South Carolina. Do you think the candidates for governor and lieutenant governor should run together on one ticket or continue to be elected separately?

Run together 30.9
Elected separately 56.3
Don’t know/ Refused 12.8

In South Carolina, we have several statewide elected offices. These include the Secretary of State, Superintendent of Education, Comptroller General, Commissioner of Agriculture, and others. Some people believe that it would increase the efficiency and effectiveness of government if some of these positions were appointed by the governor, while others feel that they should continue to be elected and remain directly accountable to the voters. Which of these comes closer to your opinion?

Appointed by governor 18.2
Continue to be elected 75.6
Don’t know/ Refused 6.2