Many of you are already getting these emails from Master Deputy Sheriff Amanda Lee but some are not. So I figured I’d share what I can about criminal events in and around our community.

I’ll try to forward these updates at least once a month. Feel free to contact her directly ( if you’d like to get the details each week.

Feb. 05th-11th:
1 auto break in in Waterfalls community
1 burglary in Heatherstone community off sweet thorn
1 burglary off Gallatin off Hollingshed
1 robbery off piney woods inbound

Feb. 12-18th:
2 auto break ins in the harbison area
1 robbery at the woods apartments in the harbison area
1 stolen car off manor wood in the harbison area
1 auto break in off broad river road near kennerly road at a restaurant
1 auto break in at the YMCA off kennerly road

If these incidents did not happen inside your community, please be aware that they may be happening in areas near your community or areas that you may frequent. In saying that, please have your eyes and ears open to anything that might be suspicious. Call 911 or headquarters at 576-3000 to report suspicious activity, report an incident, or pass along some valuable information.

Spring time is almost upon us again and many will be venturing out in our yards and gardens. Please remember that while you are out in the rear and side portions of our property to keep those doors locked and those garage doors down. We find that while people are in the rear part of the yard working, criminals just passing by will go into the garages and take items like lawn mowers, power tools and even get into your unlocked vehicles that are parked inside your garage and take purses, ipods, GPS systems and other items. While you garden and do the yard, keep your opener with you so that you can shut the garage while you are working. If you have the key pad on the garage use it and shut your garage doors. You can keep these crimes from happening and decrease you chances of becoming a victim….

Please take some time and visit the Richland County Sheriff’s Department website at and check on upcoming classes, events and sign up for email alerts and ways to get notified on sex offenders who move in the area.

Always remember that when you call about suspicious activity, get out and walk the neighborhood and take the time to watch over the community, you are putting a message out to the criminals that you do not want them or their actions inside your community and that if they are there, you are going to stand up for your neighborhood and call 911 or 576-3000 to report them.
Take care and be SAFE!

Master Sheriff Deputy Amanda Lee