For many the term “blog” is a foreign concept. For millions this political season, it’s a must-see, must-have to stay up-to-date on the latest that’s going on.

Probably the most popular national blog for politics is The Drudge Report. It’s a national blog that primarily sticks to politics but occasionally has some general entertainment reporting ala Entertainment Tonight, etc.

In this state there’s a growing wave of blogs that pop up almost daily. Ones that have been a round a while are SC Hotline (which also includes articles from several newspapers throughout the state), FITS News (which throws in a good bit of “entertainment” discussion and is not only informative but oftentime irrerverant), and The Shot (similar to SC Hotline with lots of coverage on the Presidential races).

Another one rising in popularilty is The Blogland of Earl Capps. Earl is from the Lowcountry and where other bloggers add entertainment discussions, his niche is in the musical industry. I’ve traded emails with Earl recently and was honored to be his first elected official spotlighted in 2008!

With more blogs to list than space allows, I do want to add a few others that get readership locally as well as throughout our State: The Palmetto Scoop, Brad Warthen’s Blog, and Doing the First Amendment.

You’ll find that often time these bloggers are onto stories long before the Main Stream Media gets ahold of the news. Maybe one day, they’ll get press credentials too?