Much has been written about the South Carolina Department of Transportation over the past few years.

Yes, I do believe we’ve made some improvements through “DOT Reform” passed last year; however, until those guys get the funding they need, they are pretty much just putting bandaids on broken bones throughout our state.In the past, you may recall I included a section on ROADS in my monthly COMMUNITY UPDATES. I soon learned it was that section that everyone paid attention to and the feedback I received led to several improvements in our area. Because of limited space on the updates (and the enormous amount of work getting done here), I had to remove ROADS about a year ago; but obviously remained in contact with the DOT.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that in just the past three years we’ve had much to be thankful for in our area in terms of improved roads, signals, and intersections. I recently asked the DOT to provide me a list so that we can see all that’s been done in a relatively short time.

Since January 2005, our community has had over 90 miles of road either repatched, resurfaced, or improved (shoulders, widening, sidewalks, signals, signs, etc).

Here are some highlights:


Dreher Shoals Road / US-176
Dutch Fork Road
Rauch-Metz Rd
Broad River Road
Koon Rd
Farming Creek Rd
Lykes Ln
Kennerly Rd
Coogler Rd
Hollingshed Rd
River Bottom Rd
Firetower Rd
Freshly Mill Rd
Johnson Marina Rd
James Ballentine Rd
Jake Eargle Rd
Lost Creek Rd
Peace Heaven Rd
Piney Grove Rd
Bickley Rd
Salem Church Rd
Three Dog Rd
Carl Shealy Rd
Ellet Rd
Forrest Shealy Rd
Royal Tower Rd
Silver Point Rd
Flint Hill Rd
River Bottom Rd
High Ridge Rd
Lookout Ln
Hill Trace Ln
O’Sheal Rd
Canterfield Rd
Western Ln
Three Dog Rd
Elliot Richardson Rd
Old Forge Rd
Sid Bickley Rd
Wessinger Rd
Jake Meetze Rd
Old Shealy Rd
Indian Creek Circle
Indian Ford Rd


Broad River / Koon Road
Broad River / Lykes Ln
Broad River / Western Ln
Columbiana Ave / Columbia Ave
Dutch Fork Rd / Wessinger Road
Harbison Blvd – several
Lake Murray Blvd – several
Piney Grove Rd – several