COLUMBIA – Rep. Nathan Ballentine was elected to the House Ethics Committee Wednesday morning by the full House of Representatives.

“The support from my colleagues is a testament to the way I represent our state as a public servant. For too long the word ‘politician’ has had a negative connotation and it’s my hope to help restore our citizens’ confidence in government and their elected officials,” Rep. Ballentine said.

The House Ethics Committee is the chief watchdog and policeman for the 124 members of the House of Representatives and hears all ethics complaints filed against the members. There are six elected members of the committee, including five Republicans.

“Ironically, just today, there are various campaign tactics being used which certainly could be considered unethical if not illegal. It’s my hope to work with the other committee members to uphold the highest ethical standards for our officials and those seeking office – whether dealing with campaign financial disclosures, electioneering, or actions in and outside of the body. We must restore the public trust so that public servants as a whole do not suffer for the actions of a few.”

Rep. Ballentine was elected to one of the two seats open on the committee following the resignations of Reps. Catherine Ceips and Shirley Hinson. Rep. Annette Young of Summerville won the other seat.

“Nathan is one of the hardest working members serving in the House,” said House Speaker Bobby Harrell. “I am happy to see his desire for serving our state lead him to seek a position on the House Ethics Committee.”