Here’s “Education Reform” I think we all can agree on.

Do students here in our country illegally deserve access to our tax dollars to help with their college education?

Simply put, this bill makes certain that anyone “not lawfully present” in our state will not receive state assitance for their higher education.

I have to admit. Even though I serve on the Education and Public Works committee, I was not sure if our state was allowing illegal residents to use your tax dollars for their education. I can’t remember which Presidential Debate first brought this to my attention but when I learned one candidate had allowed illegal immigrants in his state to receive in-state tuiton and tax funded scholarships, I turned to my wife and asked “Wonder if we allow that here in SC?” (Note: I’m not going to link to that candidate. I don’t feel that is appropriate).

After having staff research this, we determined clarifying language should be used to close any loopholes.

There are currently several bills in the House and Senate dealing with illegal immigration and the impact it has on our state. It’s my hope H.4451 will become law on it’s own or through the inclusion (amendment, etc) in other legislation that makes it to the House and Senate chambers this year.

Am I wrong here? Please let me know your thoughts.