Maybe the war on secularism is finally being won? I hope so.

The past few days have made me hopeful that this could be the case. Maybe folks are starting to “step out” more and are now more willing to talk about religion? Maybe folks are remembering that Christ is the reason for the Season?

Most recently it was my family seeing the nativity scene displayed in our neighborhood and at Saluda Shoals Park. A few days earlier my candidate for President, Governor Mitt Romney, gave a “Faith in America” speech that mentioned how Jesus Christ is our Savior. Just a few nights ago in a national sports setting, this year’s Heisman Trophy winner, Tim Tebow – University of Florida, spoke first of thanking Jesus for his blessings.

In less than 72 horus, when you see Jesus displayed in a local community park, mentioned in a Presidential Race and again mentioned at a college football awards ceremony, you gotta feel a little better about the world.

Now, if we can only remember to keep him in our daily lives, our homes, and – yes – our schools; maybe it’d be a different world.