Only 63 shopping days left! Get ready. It’s coming.

No, not the annual Carolina/Clemson game. No, not Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Those are actually great times (well, of course except for some of the actions it brings out in the players, fans, and the Griswolds)

63 days until the SC GOP Primary puts our state on the national stage with the First in the South election of our Republican nominee.

That means we’re just weeks (days?) away from the kickoff of “the politics of destruction” and bare-knuckled brawling right here in the Palmetto State. If you have a weak stomach, set the TiVO for your favortie shows so you can skip right through the commercials coming our way.

Nothing says “the holidays” like sitting around the table with the kids after dinner and curling up to a nice commercial highlighting a candidate’s previous failed marriages, attacking one’s brand of religion, one’s age and physical condition, and one’s former lobbyist job in Washington.

You can expect a heavy dose of buzzwords like “flip flop”, “McCain-Feingold”, “illegal aliens”,”abortion lobbyist”, “confederate flag”, “gay rights”, “gun control”, and “stem cell research” to pop up here in the Bible Belt over the next several weeks.

Personally, it’s the sort of stuff that makes me and other public servants wonder why we ever got into this in the first place. Any political consultant worth his salt can make an Eagle Scout look like a drug-addicted felon and no one knows the difference when it’s all said and done. Thirty second distortions, fabrications, and outright lies are the norm in Presidential Politics so get ready, it’s coming!