Years ago, George W. Bush came to the Irmo/Chapin area to show how important the Midlands are to SC Politics. What he knew (and others) is that you had better win the S.C. Republican Primary if you plan on becoming our nation’s President. Governor Bush did just that by winning the support of the Palmetto State and then going on to claim the Republican nomination and, obviously, the Presidency.

For the past several months, we’ve seen candidates from both parties visit our state and area but now that it’s after Labor Day, the full court press will be on. Most recently, Senator Sam Brownback walked in the Chapin Labor Day Parade. Senator Brownback is one of many Republican candidates for President; but many will tell you that we elect Governors as President – not Senators.

To fix Washington, you don’t bring an “insider” into the Oval Office. This year’s crop of Republican candidates has the normal “insiders” (Senators, Congressman, lifelong politicians) but there are also candidates with previous executive experience and business backgrounds.

I’m proud to announce that my candidate for President, Governor Mitt Romney, (who is not a lifelong politician or a political insider) will walk in the 2007 Okra Strut Parade. I plan to walk by his side as he continues to build on the momentum that has him leading the polls in the first two important, early voting states – Iowa and New Hampshire.

Many may not be familiar with Governor Romney but when you take the time over the next few months, you’ll find a man who is not only qualified to serve but also is someone full of energy, with a positive vision to lead America to a brighter future. Someone who came to our country (and world’s) rescue by saving the Salt Lake Winter Olympics (which before Governor Romney came was mired in debt, scandal, and corruption). Someone who in the most liberal states of all (Massachusetts), worked to successfully turn a budget deficit into a surplus.

When Governor Romney sees a problem, he knows how to fix it.

Rasmussen Reports that while many voters see Mayor Rudy Guiliani and Senator John McCain as politically moderate or liberal, Governor Romney and Senator Fred Thompson are seen as the most conservative candidates.

I’m pleased to support Governor Romney and I hope you’ll take time to learn more about him, his wonderful wife and family, and his vision for stronger families, a stronger economy, and a stronger military.