We all have those special names for family members and the name I called my grandmother was Memomma.

It started when I was very young and my Mom was trying to explain who we were going to visit that day. It went something like my Mom telling me “We’re going to see My Mommy”. As a young child, that came out of my mouth as Me Mommy and so it just sort of stuck.

As the oldest grandchild, the name I called her “became” her name for the family and it gradually turned into “Memomma” as we grew older.

I share this today with you because this morning Memomma left us and went to Heaven.

She was 83 and had a great life. I remember in my younger days the times out at the lake house, the nights I would sleep in her bed after Carolina games, cutting her lip during a round of putt-putt (she was behind me helping and I took a huge backswing), and the reunions where our side of the family would wear silly hats/shirts to show we were all there.

More recently we would grab an occasional lunch together. She loved being a great-grandmother and I can still see her holding “her boy” (her great-grandson, JC). One of my favorite pictures is one of Memomma, my dad, me, and JC…four generations.

Fortunately JC,Emma, Sarah and Karen and I had some quality time with her just a few weeks ago. I’m glad we got to see her smiling, getting around on her own, laughing and talking with us.

Days after that she turned for the worse and cancer started to overcome her. My mom and dad have been through alot the past few weeks but have been by her side.

We all had our goodbyes and we know she is with the Lord. Memomma can also see my grandfather and my uncle again as well as her parents and one of her sisters.

I’ll never forget my Memomma and I guess it’s ironic she passed on a day our nation will never forget too.